How to Clear Your Mind of Unwanted Thoughts

There are so many times when we find ourselves clouded with tons of thoughts.

There are too many things going on in our mind at the same time, and it becomes difficult to pick one thought and focus on it.

To live a peaceful life, it’s important that you learn to deal with these thoughts without disturbing your mental balance.

Our mind has limited capacity. If you think too much about too many things at the same time, you will only get stressed out and lose your inner peace.

If this happens, you first need to clear your mind of all the unwanted thoughts, and keep only the useful ones in your mind.

How to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts?

There are two ways I know of that you can use directly. One is simple, other is a bit difficult.

The simple way is to get some sleep.

Sleep is the natural way to relax our mind and give it some rest. When we are in sleep, the mental chatter going in our mind stops, and we become unconscious of our problems while we are sleeping. This helps the mind to relax and take some rest.

And when you wake up, you will find yourself refreshed, and ready to make a fresh start to solve your problems again.

I can remember so many times when I’ve struggled with such unwanted thoughts in my mind. But when I just went to sleep and woke up the next day, I could easily understand my problems, and solve them.

And then, some of those problems didn’t even seem as big as they seemed a day ago.

That’s how sleep works its magic on us and makes it easier for us to think upon our problems the next day.

You, too, probably know this from your own experience. Try to remember a time when you were tired, or unable to decide between many options, and you went to sleep with a heavy mind. And the next day when you woke up, you felt much more in control of yourself, and solved those problems in no time.

This method works almost all the time. For this method to work, you need to give up your control over your mind and let sleep do rest of the work.

But what if you are in a place where you can’t sleep?

And what if you do need to sort out a complicated problem that needs deep thinking, which you can’t just solve by going to sleep?

To solve such problems, we need some other method that we can apply anywhere and anytime.

And that other method is to work on your thoughts with awareness.

Actually this way to solve your problems with awareness is even better than going to sleep, as you are in complete control of yourself and consciously solve your problems as and when they arise.

So let’s try to see how to deal with our thoughts with awareness, step-by-step. Read this slowly, and even better, try to practice it now itself.

First, close your eyes and relax. Make yourself comfortable and let your mind and body completely relax.

For me, deep breathing also helps in speeding up this relaxation process. Just breathe slowly, taking deep breaths, and let your attention rest on your breath for a while.

After a few minutes you should feel very relaxed and peaceful from inside.

Now start working on your thoughts, one by one.

Don’t rush yourself. Don’t try to go after all your thoughts at the same time.

Just continue to relax, and let them come automatically to you, one by one. It’s most likely that the most troublesome thoughts will come first. Work on whichever thoughts comes first, without forgetting to relax. And if that thought starts troubling you, bring your attention back to your breath.

After few breaths, get back to the problem again and try to solve it again, while keeping yourself totally calm.

If you still can’t solve that problem, keep it aside and say mentally to yourself that you’ll work on it later.

Now move on to another thought. Work on it the same way. If you think that you don’t need to work on that thought right now, then simply let it go. Don’t think too much about it. And don’t force yourself to not think about it.

Simply witness that thought coming to your mind, staying there, and finally leaving your mind.

Then move on to another thought and so on.

The key here is to work on our thoughts one by one. There is no way you can clear your mind of all unwanted thoughts, if you just keep rushing from one thought to another without giving them enough time to stay, rest, and then leave your mind.

Practicing this simple way of awareness and dealing with one thought at a time helps you recognize those important thoughts and remove the other unwanted thoughts from your mind.

Start practicing this method whenever you find yourself overwhelmed with too many thoughts. With more and more practice, you’ll find that it keeps getting easier every time.

And when your mind becomes clear and calm, you’ll automatically feel a sense of peace and happiness in you.

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