Just Be Yourself

If I had to tell you only one thing that can improve your life today, right now, it would be this : Just be yourself.

You know why? Because you only invite stress and unhappiness in your life when you try to live like someone else or when you try to become like someone else.

It’s a good thing when you see someone living a better life than yours and that motivates you to work hard and change your own life.

But the problem comes when you try to act and live like someone else all the time.

When you want to act, live, or work like some other successful person you’re creating the circumstances that are bound to make you unhappy in future.

To live a simple, happy, and meaningful life learn to just be yourself.

When you follow your true nature you’re free to do what you think is right to do. And when you do the right thing every time, you’ll never regret it as long as it completely confirms with your convictions.

When you try to be someone else, that only means that you are not happy with who you are and that’s the main problem you should be worried about.

Try to become yourself first and you’ll see that people like and respect the ones who are original in what they do; others are easily forgotten as copycats.

When you live every moment of your life with who you really are, there are less desires, less unhappiness, less stress, and more of you in whatever you do.

When you act as per your inner nature, your work reflects you in itself. Your work is original, and a truer representation of your thoughts and ideas.

But when you cloud yourself with someone else’s way of thinking and acting, you make decisions that you think the other person might have made in your situation.

And when you do that, you stop being yourself and start becoming more of the other person. When you do any actions based on what someone else would do, you are lying to yourself and not following your intuition.

If you keep doing this for long enough, you start feeling unhappy with yourself. You start wondering why you aren’t as appreciated or respected as the other person whom you are trying to copy.

The reason is, you do not know what struggles and events that other person went through in his life. Every action that he did was responsible for the person he is today.

And you have your own experiences and your own decisions that you made throughout your life. And that’s why you are the person you are today.

Your actions and experiences were different from the other person. So how can different actions and experiences produce the same results. They can’t.

The main reason that we want to imitate someone else’s life is because we think they are happier, cooler, or more successful than us.

We see the positive side of their life, which is a good thing, but we fail to see their real life and their day-to-day struggles that they go through or have gone through to become what they are today.

We only see the incomplete picture of their life and we think they are much better than us in such and such ways. If you only look closer and try to see their everyday life, you’ll find that their life’s really not as awesome as you thought it would be.

They may not have the same problems as you, but they might have another set of problems which could be even worse than yours.

The problems that you have are only yours and only you can solve them. And you can only solve them if you try to solve it in a way that’s true with yourself. You cannot solve it simply by imitating someone else and trying to solve the problem the way they did.

To live a happy life you have to start first by respecting your own thoughts and intuition. If you just reflect enough on your actions everyday and keep learning from them, you’ll start to become more and more of yourself.

And your actions will start getting more and more in sync with your inner self.

And an indirect result of this is that you will start feeling happier about who you are and what you do, and will stop imitating or comparing yourself with someone else.

Everyone of us here has a similar mind and body. So don’t worry about the minor differences between you and someone else. You are already perfect in everything. You just have to realize this perfectness inside you before you can start living it.

And you can start to do that today, at this moment itself, by just being yourself.

Stop comparing yourself with others. Stop imitating someone’s lifestyle. Stop thinking that others are happier or better than you. Stop thinking that you are better than someone else.

Just be yourself.

Just do what you think is right to do. Just learn from your own life’s experiences. Just try to work on your own thoughts and reflect upon them every day.

And when you start living your life the way you are meant to, pass on your experiences and help others to do the same.

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