Be Still


Everywhere we go, there seems to be chaos around us. Everything seems to be moving so fast, and we often find ourselves failing to catch up with the world.

Whenever you find yourself in such chaos, try to become still from inside. Be still and enjoy the stillness.

Don’t move. Don’t think. Don’t try to feel anything. Just remain still.

When you see everyone around you rushing through their day and chasing meaningless goals, pause and reflect upon your own life. You don’t have to rush through your life. You can do your work and complete your goals even by remaining calm and peaceful throughout the day.

When you become totally still from inside, the outside world also seems to become less noisy and less chaotic.

When others see you remain calm, they too feel a sense of calmness within them. Your quietness makes them want to become quiet themselves.

Stillness brings peace. It brings clarity. It removes all your doubts and confusions.

Stillness helps you declutter your mind. Stillness turns your chatty mind into a peaceful one, and it turns those tons of unimportant thoughts into a few important ones.

Stillness always helps you separate the few from many, and the important from the useless ones.

Every once in a while, separate yourself from the crowd. Go to some quiet place and enjoy the stillness around you. Observe the beauty of nature and learn how everything looks so beautiful when it’s quiet and content with itself.

See the flowers and trees and try to become as still as them. This will help you return to your original nature which is peaceful, loving, and full of kindness.

When your mind becomes calm and quiet, life becomes so much easier, life becomes so much beautiful, and life becomes so much simple.

By practicing stillness you can have better self-control and it will give you the power to remain quiet within, even when there is chaos outside. And you also gain the ability to make others calm when they seem to be losing themselves.

Stillness has power. By being still, you gain the power to think your thoughts more clearly. You gain the power to separate the right thoughts from the wrong ones. And this gives you the power to do only the right action, and say only the right words.

For example, when the water flows inĀ  a lake, you can’t see clearly what lies beneath the water. But when the water becomes still you can see everything clearly.

The same way, when your mind becomes still, you can see everything that’s inside your mind. You can understand the nature of your mind and how your mind works. You can also see everything that comes and goes out from your mind.

In another example, suppose you take a glass of clean water and mix it with muddy water, then even the clean water becomes muddy. But when you just let that glass become still, the mud gets collected at the bottom of the glass. And the top of glass becomes clean and clear.

The same way, when you have so many thoughts running in your mind, it’s difficult to work and think upon all of them at the same time. But when you become still, you can see the unwanted thoughts, discard them, and choose the clean and pure thoughts in your mind.

A still mind can easily recognize the negative thoughts surrounding it. It can easily recognize anger, jealousy, ego, selfishness, and can remain unaffected from them.

If you find it difficult to become still, take the path of meditation.

Meditation will give you the ability to become still anytime you want, anywhere you want, for as much time as you want.

Put aside a time for stillness everyday in your schedule. Enjoy this stillness before you go to work. Enjoy this stillness after you return from work. Even try to live with stillness when you work.

Stillness will make your life more peaceful, more joyful, and more meaningful.

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