Just Breathe


Take a breathe and relax.

Whenever you find yourself losing control, just breathe.

Whenever you find yourself jealous of others, just breathe.

Whenever you find yourself acting selfishly, just breathe.

Whenever you feel stressed, just breathe.

Take short breaths, take long breaths, take normal breaths, but just breathe.

Breathe the way you want, but just breathe.

Let go everything you are grasping, let go every thought you are thinking, let go every desire you are feeling, and just breathe.

Let go all your senses, and just breathe.

Breath is the essence of life.

Breath is what separates life from death.

So, just breathe.

When life doesn’t seem to make any sense, just breathe.

When life makes perfect sense, just breathe.

If you want to find the answers to all your questions, just breathe.

If you can’t find the answers to your questions, just breathe.

Breathe away your problems.

Breathe away your fears.

Breathe away your anger.

Breathe away your worries.

Every problem, every fear, every doubt will go away, if you just breathe.

Simply close your eyes, and just breathe.

Let go the future, let go the past. Live in the now, and just breathe.

Life will become so much peaceful, if you just breathe.

Life will become so much joyful, if you just breathe.

Life will become so much simple, if you just breathe.

Stop reading this now, and just breathe.

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About Rahul Singh

Hi, I am Rahul Singh. At life beginner, I teach others the way to practice meditation, live with mindfulness, and connect with their consciousness, so that they can find inner peace, lasting happiness, and meaning and purpose in their lives. I'm also the Author of Simplify Now & Keys to Meaningful Life.