Be Peaceful from Inside

Have you ever lost your self-control only to regret it later? Do you get instantly angry when someone contradicts or abuses you? Do you get mad about people or events on which you have no control?

Don’t worry. We all go through such situations in life. We often lose our self-control and act impulsively, instead of thoughtfully, and end up regretting our actions, only wishing that we should’ve handled the situation in a more mature way.

We become angry, act impulsively, and defend our actions and emotions because we let other people and events affect us and disturb our inner peace.

But when you are at peace with yourself, other people and outer circumstances cannot affect you. By being peaceful you learn to act, and not react to situations.

Every minute of your day is then an action that you choose to do, instead of a reaction that you regret doing later. So even if someone abuses you, you can choose to ignore the person or talk calmly with him, instead of reacting and abusing him back.

And you can only do this if you are completely peaceful from inside.

You should strive to make yourself so peaceful within, that no amount of inner or outer chaos can have any affect on you. Let this peacefulness show itself in every thought you think and every action you perform.

When you are totally calm inside, you remain unaffected even when there is lot of noise, crowd, or people fighting around you. This benefit alone tells us how strong we become from inside, when we act every waking moment with peace.

And that’s not the only benefit you gain from being peaceful.

When you are at peace, you don’t make hasty decisions. Every action that you take, every word that you utter, and every thought that you entertain in your mind is based on deep thinking and introspection which comes only if you are quiet from inside.

You become more kind, more forgiving, less selfish, and more understanding than you were before.

And this happens because you are in such a quiet state that you can observe your thoughts come and go in your mind. So you are able to instantly recognize a disturbing thought, discard it, and return back to your calm state.

But this state of deep calmness doesn’t come easily. This is because we’ve conditioned ourselves to think and react all the time. And it’ll take some time to break these old patterns and form new ones.

I, too, struggle with staying peaceful all the time. But by practicing regularly, I can now sense abundance of peace inside me for most part of the day. And I am sure you too can feel the same, if you just practice enough.

Also remember, being peaceful starts with yourself. Don’t expect others around you to become a peaceful person, just because you’ve become one. Else you’ll be only disappointed and fall back to your old ways of thinking and reacting.

Your friends and family won’t change, unless you do. You need to become the one who others can follow and learn from.

And when you live your life and perform your everyday actions with a sense of calmness, you are bound to make others and yourself happy.

By being a peaceful person, you reduce the negativity around you. And as a side-result you also inspire others to become as peaceful as you.

And in this peaceful state, you start enjoying the little things in life to which you didn’t pay any attention earlier.

You feel joy when you see children playing, birds chirping, and flowers swaying in wind. Even seeing little acts of kindness makes you immensely happy.

What made you angry before, won’t be able to disturb your inner peace anymore. What made you impulsively react before, will cease to have any affect on you now.

You will be living peace, practicing peace, and breathing with peace all the time.

And when you are in such peaceful state is there even a possibility of chaos or anger to enter inside you? Absolutely not.

With regular practice you’ll be able to be at peace even with your own thoughts. Whenever any thought will pop in your mind, you’ll be able to instantly recognize it, and decide whether you should entertain and go along with it, or just let it go.

And as you keep doing that you’ll become more calm and compassionate than you have ever been. And that’s something that benefits not only you, but everyone else around you.

I hope you, too, will try to find this peacefulness inside you, and after finding it live with it all the time.

Thanks a lot for reading this far.

In my next post, I’ll write about the steps you need to take to become a peaceful person.

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