Declutter Your Mind

We all want to live a simple and happy life. A life that’s free from negative thoughts and actions.

But there are many obstacles to living such a life, the biggest obstacle being our own mind.

Our mind is a beautiful part of us, but it can easily take complete control over us and make us do things that we might not do under normal situations.

Every day your mind comes across tens of thousands of thoughts. Most of them are nothing but complete waste of your mental energy, and your physical energy too, if you let them take control over you and act upon them.

We all live a busy life, and in this busy life it’s easy to lose grip over our mind and dwell into thinking unnecessary thoughts. We don’t think such thoughts intentionally; most of these thoughts come to our mind on their own because that’s just the nature of our mind.

Every moment we are awake, our mind tries to get our attention and makes us do what it says. And we, too, are responsible for filling our mind with so much useless information. That’s why all the information you have fed your mind is bound to come to you at some time or other, even when you don’t want it.

And when there is nothing to think about, our mind keeps reminding us of our past actions.

Though we can’t control our past actions and the thoughts we have fed our mind, but we can surely control our present actions and stop feeding junk thoughts to our mind.

Your mind makes you think and do things that you don’t like to do. It’s your mind that makes you angry, act selfishly, and makes you jealous of your friend’s accomplishments.

You act in such negative ways because your mind often indulges in a negative thought and keeps feeding it, until that small thought becomes so big that it clouds your thinking. And when you can’t think clearly, you are bound to make wrong decisions and take wrong actions.

To overcome such negativity you should prevent your mind from indulging in such negative thoughts. And for that you need to declutter your mind from all such useless thoughts.

Decluttering means to remove unnecessary items, and to declutter your mind means nothing but to remove unnecessary thoughts from your mind – thoughts that just add noise and stop you from thinking clearly.

If you want to live a simple life, you have to declutter unnecessary items from every part of your life – be it the unnecessary objects in your house or those unnecessary thoughts in your mind.

It’s easy to declutter your house and remove old unused items. But it’s difficult to declutter your mind and remove those unwanted thoughts because it challenges the way you have been thinking since you were born.

And your mind doesn’t like that. Your mind finds it difficult to accept that it was wrong this whole time. And it won’t easily allow you to take control over the way it’s used to think and work. That’s why, you must learn to take control over your mind, else it will take control over you.

But before you control your mind, you have to make it so strong that it can easily recognize the thoughts that come to it seeking attention.

Thoughts can be of two type : useful or useless.

To declutter your mind, first you have to learn to separate useful thoughts from the useless ones. And then once you recognize those useless thoughts you should simply ignore them and come back to the useful one.

But before you know what’s useful and what’s not you need to be aware of every thought that comes to your mind. And you have to specially watch out for those harmful ones that can affect your mental and physical well-being.

Otherwise you’ll never know when a thought came to your mind, when you got involved with it, and when you ended up spending too much time thinking and acting upon it.

So the first step towards understanding your thoughts is awareness. Be aware of every thought that comes to your mind. Be alert as if you are guarding your mind from every thought.

And as soon as a thought enters your mind, catch it, observe it, and if it’s useful and needs immediate attention then act upon it, else just let it go and return back to maintaining your guard.

As you’ll see, random thoughts keep coming to your mind from moment to moment. Just repeat the above process and keep returning back to your guard. Do it again and again. After some time the frequency of such random thoughts will decrease and you’ll feel peace and calm from inside.

A good way to become better at keeping your guard is to do meditation. Meditation makes your mind clear, improves your concentration, and helps you live in the present moment. If you meditate regularly, you can control your mind from indulging with those unwanted thoughts.

This may sound easy, but it’s actually very difficult to do. And that’s because we are so used to our old ways of thinking and acting upon every little thought, that it’s difficult to remain still even for a minute. That’s why most people find it difficult to meditate in the initial stages as they allow themself to be freely dictated by the random thoughts that come to their mind.

But meditation is one of the best ways to come back to a still and pure mind. And when you meditate regularly you’ll start seeing the benefits immediately. Not that something magical happens when you meditate, but you become more calmer and peaceful than you already are, and you also become aware of any thought that comes to your mind.

With regular practice, you can stay alert all the time, and remain at peace with yourself and in perfect control of your mind all the time.

Then there are no more useless thoughts, and no more useless actions. Instead there is more stillness, and more happiness within.

And also there is no more anger, no more jealousy, no more greed, and no more violence. Instead there is just love, appreciation, kindness, and peace inside you.

And all this comes just from decluttering your mind from useless information and instead focusing it on the present moment.

A mind that’s clear and free from distraction has the potential to accomplish great things.

Learn to declutter your mind through meditation or by being completely aware of the present moment, and your mind will be your friend and come to your help whenever you’ll need it.

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