How to Live With Consciousness

To live with consciousness, first you’ve to understand it.

Consciousness is that part of you that is timeless and separate from your body and mind. It’s separate from your thoughts and feelings. It’s something that cannot be defined in terms of a single word.

It’s difficult to explain consciousness to someone who doesn’t know anything about it, and it’s difficult to understand it if you don’t keep an open mind and take efforts to know it.

You either realize it and start learning more about it, or you think it’s completely nonsense and ignore anyone who talks about it. Not many people want to talk about it, but I think it’s essential to understand it to live a simple and meaningful life.

Many people live their whole life even without realizing it once. It’s that difficult to understand; not by it’s nature, but because of our narrowly conditioned mind.

You don’t have to go anywhere to realize it. It’s always present in you; you just have to take the right effort to understand it.

Till then, it just lives quietly inside you. Once recognized, you become aware of something in you that’s separate from your mind, and yet capable enough to make the right decisions for you. Decisions that consider the well-being of every being in this planet, and which I dare say are as per the rules of this universe.

And these decisions come from a deeper understanding, not the superficial understandings of the mind. You’ll know when to use your mind, and when to not.

I would be lying if I say I live in this state, or if I’ve completely understood it; far from it, I’m just a beginner like you, with maybe a little more understanding about it. It’s something I’ve been trying to understand for few years now.

What I can tell though is that it’s something beyond your mind and thoughts; it’s the thing which you realize while reading spiritual books and listening to spiritual talks; something stirring inside you that’s separate from your mind.

The mind can only tell what it has experienced, and it thinks and acts based on this limited experience. That’s what makes it a good friend, but also a dangerous enemy.

If your mind is filled with hatred and negativity, it can destroy you and everyone else around you. When you look at human history and read about stories of mass murders and tortures, you can understand that it’s this negative energy that causes such events, when men with power allow it to control them.

Same way, if filled with kindness and positivity, it can benefit you and every one else around you. If you read about any great spiritual person – be it Buddha or Jesus – and see the effect they had on millions of people, you can understand that it’s this positive energy that causes such actions, when even simple human beings understand to live with consciousness.

But this distinction between kindness and hatred, between positive and negative energy lies on a very thin line. It’s easy to move from one state to another throughout your life.

That’s why the need for consciousness.

Day by day we are becoming more materialistic and losing our inner essence.

We are losing the human in humanity.

The main focus of the civilized world is the mind. Mind is what runs our life and what makes every decision for us. You rely on your mind too much, and this causes you happiness and sorrow, from time to time. All of us want happiness, and no one likes to be sad.

But you forget that when you let your mind make all your decisions, then things that work according to it will give you happiness, and things that don’t work according to it will give you sorrow.

When you know the limitations of your mind, and the benefits of living consciously, you may want to know if it’s possible for every one to understand it? If yes, then how?

Yes, it’s possible for anyone to realize this. Consciousness isn’t a skill that you can master only by learning from experts; it doesn’t need talent that only few people have. What it needs is a sincere effort to live in the present moment; breathe; and dive deeper inside your being and find it.

First, start by practicing meditation. Meditate regularly, and observe your mind closely. Be alert and look out for any thought, any feeling that comes to your mind. As soon as a thought comes, ignore it and continue being alert.

Make sure that at any given moment you are doing only one thing – observing your mind; nothing else. Keep practicing this whenever you get time.

Observing your mind may seem odd if you haven’t done it before. But you’ve to do it if you want to understand more about your inner nature.

As you keep practicing, you’ll understand what I refer to as consciousness. You’ll realize how it’s separate from your mind, and how you can use it in any situation to watch out for negative thoughts from entering your mind.

I can go on talking about it, but I am afraid of sharing so much information in one post that it’ll confuse you more than it’ll teach you.

So for now, just meditate everyday on your mind, and try to be as alert as possible. Practice only this for a week or two, and you should start seeing some positive results.

Realizing your consciousness is difficult, but what’s equally difficult is to live permanently with this state of consciousness, as it goes away as fast as it comes. But from what I’ve read, and believe, it’s certainly possible to live with it permanently if we make the right efforts.

To do that, always try to live in the present moment.

No past, no future, just now. Just this moment.

Once you start living in the present moment, it’ll be easier to stay conscious all the time. But that’s something which you’ve to work hard on.

Between our work, family, friends, and so much noise on internet and TV it’s easy to lose sight of it. And such things are not in our hand. The only thing we do have is the option to stay alert and practice it, as much as we possibly can.

That’s all you need to know to get started. And when you start seeing things consciously and act according to it, you’ll see how simple and beautiful life already is.

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