How to Live in the Present Moment

When you live in the present moment, all problems vanish.

There is no stress, no anger, no regret; just what’s happening now.

To live in the present moment you have to focus on your current activity and let go every other thought from your mind. Your mind will keep on trying to distract you, but you must stay firm and actively reengage yourself with the present activity.

The present moment is the only moment that you have. You cannot control the future. You cannot change the past. But you can control this moment that’s happening right now.

Worrying too much about your past and future won’t solve your problem. Taking actions in the present moment will.

When you start living in the present moment, there are no regrets of the past and no worries for the future. You are totally immersed in living in this moment and live your life to the fullest.

But how to live in the present moment?

First, just relax yourself. Wherever you are, just breathe slowly and consciously. Do this for few minutes until you feel completely relaxed.

Observe what’s going on inside your mind. What thoughts are you thinking right now?

Are you thinking about your past or some future event. If yes, stop right there and continue to focus on your current activity. The only thing that exists at this moment is that activity. Nothing else.

If any thoughts arise in your mind, that are not related to the present moment, discard them completely from your mind. Don’t give them any attention. Simply, continue doing your work with full dedication.

You can’t change your past just by thinking about it over and over again. The future would never be exactly as you imagined it. Knowing this will help you when you practice living in the present.

To live in the present, you have to let go every thought from your mind that takes you away from the present moment. You don’t have to force your mind to reject that thought. Instead, consider the thought as worthless and simply ignore it.

Our mind has been conditioned to think about our past and future all the time. That’s why it needs a lot of practice to break this habit, and start living in the present moment. You can start this practice by doing one thing at a time. When walking just walk. When listening just listen. When eating just eat.

Don’t mix two or more activities together. You will end up doing nothing perfectly.

Do one thing at a time and do it with full dedication as if it’s the only thing that exists in the whole universe; the only thing that matters at this moment.

If your mind wanders bring it back to the present moment. It’s the nature of mind to wander ceaselessly from one thought to another. Every time you become aware of its wandering, bring it back to the present moment.

With practice, you will be able to control your mind from wandering aimlessly. You’ll learn that it’s just a tool to be used, and not something that should totally dictate our lives. Your actions would be no longer the result of your flickering mind. Your actions will result from conscious thinking.

Your mind won’t control you. You will control your mind. But to do this, you have to first start by living in the present moment.

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