How Much Inspiration Do You Really Need

We always seek inspiration from others. We look for inspiration in movies, books, articles, or quotes.

Why do we seek this inspiration?

To feel motivated? To get confidence? To feel good? Or to just pass our time?

Our answer can be anything, but basically we need inspiration because somewhere within us we want to achieve great things in our life. Seeing an inspirational work assures us that we, too, can achieve greatness.

But there is a catch to this way of thinking.

It’s easy to fall into this temptation and seek inspiration all the time, and not take any real action.

What’s the use of inspiration if it doesn’t make you act?

When you feel inspired, you start to think about achieving great things in life. You feel energetic and confident, though it lasts only for a few moments.

But this energy you feel inside you, goes to waste if you don’t use it to do some real work.

This defeats the very purpose of seeking inspiration. Instead of making you act, your inspiration ends up wasting your time.

Knowing this, should you stop watching inspirational content completely?

Or is there an optimum amount of inspiration you need to make you work?

There is no easy answer to this. But I would recommend this:

Work as much as possible, for as little inspiration as you can.

For example, when you spend few minutes to see some inspirational video, make sure you compensate for that by putting in hours of great work.

Even better, let a single inspirational thought inspire you for weeks and months together.

Any good artist who creates inspiring work does so to get some appreciation, but also to inspire you to do something equally remarkable in your own profession.

When Edison said “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration,” he meant you to work harder on doing something instead of seeking inspiration all the time.

Also, an inspirational work can demotivate you. You see great work around you, and you feel, you will be never able to achieve that kind of mastery. What you fail to realize is that no one on this planet is a genius by birth.

Sure there are people with remarkable talent and great will power, but even they need lot of practice to accomplish great things in life.

Don’t see a great masterpiece and compare your work with it. Instead see how the artist started his work, and you will realize that it’s always the vast amounts of hard work they put in learning their craft, that made them the master they are today.

You, too, will need to start someday as a beginner, and only after putting great efforts in mastering your craft, will you produce great masterpiece. But such work can come only from action, and not wishful thinking.

Get inspired, but don’t forget, only inspiration won’t push you towards success. It’s the next step of acting on it that will.

All the inspiration that you will ever need is already in you. You just have to look inside to find it.

See your own past achievements when you need inspiration. I am sure everyone of us has at least some little achievement in our life, of which we are proud of.

Use it when you doubt yourself. Use it to get inspired and get back to work with full force. That’s all the inspiration you will ever need to accomplish great things.

If you know someone who is always looking for inspiration without performing any action, share this post with them.

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