Do One Thing At a Time

When we see everyone around us multitasking, we think that it is the right way to accomplish more in less time. People who do more than one task at the same time, seem smarter and more talented than those who only do one thing at a time.

The truth is, multitasking actually results in lower productivity and poor performance. To get the best out of yourself, you should rather concentrate on doing only one task at a time.

Why should you do only one thing and not many things at the same time?

There are many good reasons of doing so.

You will finish your work in less time. This is because when we concentrate only on one task, we are likely to make less mistakes. Our efficiency also improves as the only thing in our mind right then is that single activity. So naturally we get more ideas related to our work, and we end up doing more work in less time.

You will start excelling at it. When you do your work with deep concentration you understand it more clearly, and slowly you start getting better at it. With time, you will find that you have actually become better than most people who only do their work halfheartedly.

You will enjoy doing it even more. When we start excelling in doing our work, we actually start enjoying it. The more we enjoy it, the more we want to work.

The quality of your work will improve. When you really enjoy doing your work and do it with excellence, then the quality of your work naturally improves.

You will feel less worry and stress. A great advantage of doing one thing at a time is you don’t get time to worry about unnecessary stuff. You are totally involved in doing your work and aren’t spending your time in the past or the future, as you are present only in the NOW doing your work.

You will become more productive. So what’s going to happen when you enjoy doing your work, start excelling at it and doing it in less time. The result is you actually become more productive at doing your work.

So now when you know all the benefits of doing one thing at a time, you might as well want to know how to do this. Here is what I would suggest:

First, remove all distractions around you. Remove all those unnecessary things that just take up space on your desk and stick only with the most important things. Remove all those unnecessary programs from your computer. Switch to full screen mode when doing your work, so that you can only see the work area on your computer.

Second, divide your tasks in small chunks. If you have to do a hundred things in a day, break them down into small chunks in such a way that every chunk means doing only one task. Nothing more than that.

Third, do only one chunk at a time. Now start by doing only one small piece of work at a time. When reading something, just read. When writing, just write. Move to another chunk only when you are finished with the current chunk.

Finally, focus on what you do. Do every little task with complete focus. If any distracting thought comes to your mind, just ignore it and continue doing your work with focus.

That’s it. Follow these simple steps and start doing one thing at a time. You will discover the joy of working in the present moment and will be able to manage your work life more efficiently.

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