The Ideal Minimalist

For those who don’t know who a minimalist is, a minimalist is someone who lives a very simple lifestyle, by using as little external resources as possible.

I have seen several people in the online world, who live this lifestyle and share their experiences about how simple and beautiful there life is. They talk about how they gave up using so and so gadgets, or gave away their clothes and other home accessories.

We like to hear such real-life stories, and many of us want to live such a life, but our job or our family may require us to have certain materialistic possessions, and that holds us back from becoming a minimalist.

When we see we can’t give up those things that the experts suggest us to give up, we feel that we can never become a minimalist, and we give up this quest and start living our old life.

Only if we take the right efforts to realize the truth about minimalism, we will understand that it’s possible to live a minimalistic lifestyle, no matter where on earth you live and what job you do for a living.

A person, who is a minimalist in his own terms. Not on something that someone else tells him.

I call him as the ideal minimalist.

Who is an ideal minimalist?

An ideal minimalist is a person who starts applying this minimalistic lifestyle, no matter in what degree, and in what portion of his daily life.

If you have 1000 songs on your iPhone, and you reduced that number to 100 songs, then you are a minimalist. If you have 20 pairs of clothes and you minimize that number to using only 10 pairs, then you are a minimalist. If you use 5 gadgets every day and you cut back to using only 2 gadgets, then you are a minimalist.

The truth is there is no single perfect way to become an ideal minimalist. If you cut back using unnecessary resources in your life, no matter in how much smaller way, then you are that ideal minimalist.

Look no further. Observe your own lifestyle. Don’t see what others are giving up and how they have only 10, 20 or 100 objects in their house and life.

Understand and figure out, what you can give up in your own life. You don’t have to give up your job or your family to become a minimalist. You don’t have to give away your favorite songs to become a minimalist. You don’t have to give away your favorite books to become a minimalist.

You can have all these and yet be a minimalist. A minimalist who only has the necessary things that he needs to run his life.

I am a software developer and I need certain products and software that are a must, to do my work. I don’t have to give them up to become a minimalist.

But I can, and actually have, given up buying unnecessary clothes and other objects that only seem to add shine to our life, but in reality don’t.

So am I a minimalist? In terms of having only a certain number of possessions, maybe not. But in terms of how I think and live my life, definitely YES.

And I know, for sure, that every one of us can be an ideal minimalist who thinks and lives a minimalistic lifestyle, in his own specific way.

Thank you for your time.

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