Slow down

If your life seems busy and chaotic, just take a breathe and slow down.

Already there are too many things going on in the mind right now, just slow down and pause for a while.

Life doesn’t need to be a mental frustration and full of unnecessary tensions. Slow down, and let life come back to its natural state, and rest in this state of calmness and enjoy the peace of mind.

Too many gadgets, too much technology, destroy our natural potential and affect our mental well-being. Instead of making our life simple, they further complicate it, and make us addicted and a slave to them.

Lets slow down for a while, and live some time with this beautiful gift from nature, which is present everywhere around us.

Take time to breathe slowly, smell a flower, walk slowly in a garden, or lie down and stare at the open sky at night.

Take time to drink a cup of tea sip by sip, read a book without any hurry, spending time with your family and have a few laughs, or listening keenly to your grandfathers thoughts on living meaningfully.

Play with kids. Tell them stories of hope, faith and inspiration. Let their minds wander and imagine the magical world of fairies and gypsies.

The world won’t end if you don’t check facebook or twitter for a day. It won’t end if you switch of your phone and other gadgets for a day. It will still be the same.

But yes, it will be a better world for a day because, there will be one more happy and peaceful person in this world that day. YOU.

Lets make an honest effort to use technology wisely and with responsibility.

Slowing down, you will come in touch with yourself. You will see your unique thoughts and the goals you had completely forgotten, once again.

You will be that kid again who always lived in the present. Who fought with his friends one moment, and started playing with them another moment. A kid free from any kind of ego, who just wanted to have a good time every day.

Slow down and start doing one thing at a time. When doing work, just work. When playing games, just play. When chatting with friends, just chat. When listening to someone, just listen.

It takes time to learn something completely. It takes time to build something great. It takes time to understand yourself. It takes time to become a better person.

If you really want to live a more meaningful life with complete understanding, first slow down.